Thursday, June 14, 2012


One of Each Blog

One of Each Blog

One of Each Blog

One of Each Blog Jersey Cross Neck Cut-Out Maxi Dress – courtesy of LOVE // Neon “Lucite” Neclace – H&M // Lita Look-a-Likes // Nectar Clothing.

What are your thoughts on cut-outs?

22 Responses to “06142012”

  1. Veronica

    U aaaaaare sooooo fokin sexy with this blond hair ..and this outfit is perfect!!!neon necklace love it!

  2. Kim

    Oh wow this outfit is amazing! Love the dress x

  3. a stylized hysteria

    Goddamn, you look amazing!


    Love your outfit. You look amazing. And the dress is a bommb!!!

    Kises from Spain!!!


    Love your outfit. You look amazing. And the dress is a bommb!!! and the
    necklace, up fluor style!!!

    Kises from Spain!!!

  6. tse parfait

    omg i adore your litas!!!

  7. Nicole Johnson

    Love this look ! its really simple but the neon necklace says enough by itself! The criss cross dress is exquisite with the cutouts also!

  8. Bianca

    omg! you look divine! LOVE IT! the hair, the necklace, the DRESS! will you pllllleaasse do a hair tutorial, i just cant seem to get waves like yours! would totally appreciate :) thanks and lots of love, all the way from Malta! x

  9. PEPA

    Awesome look !!! kissses xx

  10. tanya

    love that dress, its hot.

  11. Melavond

    Oh I am in love.

  12. Ana

    I LOOOOVE the necklace, is amazing!! I want it right now.

  13. Cassandra

    Amazing outfit! Love your shoes!

  14. Kaye Awatin

    What a gorgeous dress!

    Kaye Awatin

  15. Natalies D Conkel

    Great blog and AMAZING dress! Love the cutout dress and neon necklace. Following your blog <3

  16. Charlotte

    Stunning dress!

    - ordaining serendipity

  17. Savina N.

    Beautiful dress! I want it! <3


  18. Phyllis

    This dress looks great! Personally, I love cut outs, it’s such a simple detail that adds that little bit extra to a garment.

  19. Anne

    this is just perfect! loovveeee it

  20. christina

    love everything!

  21. Eliza K

    This is one great, put together, edgy look. And those nails! What color is that, they are divine!

  22. Rea

    got the same one in fouchsia! love it!!!

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