Welcome to One of Each Blog, a daily blog dedicated to fashion, art, cuisine, interior design, jewelry, photography, weddings, music…(deep breath)…and a whole lot more. One of Each is actually derived from the phrase von ove ichie, which I made up, and commonly say in an Italian accent when looking over a restaurant menu. “I’ll have von ove ichie.” I found it to also be perfectly fitting for this blog, but came to the conclusion that one of each would be more easily remembered.

One of Each is run by myself, Rae Shoemaker, self proclaimed master of crafting, fashion connoisseur, and blog addict. When I’m not perusing blogs for inspiration, I’m busy getting my Art Director nerd on at Broken Bulb Studios, a growing social gaming studio based in Scottsdale, AZ. I have far too much creative energy brewing inside me and I find myself needing many creative outlets.

Now I call out to all of my fellow blog addicts to make a habit of dropping by daily for a One of Each fix.