Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Personal Style: Candy Colored

Amanda Shoemaker - - Candy Colored Hair

Amanda Shoemaker - - Candy Colored Hair

Amanda Shoemaker - - Candy Colored Hair

Amanda Shoemaker - - Candy Colored Hair Ivory Oblique Line Collar Waist Dress – Courtesy of OLIVE Clothing // Jeffrey Campbell Boots – Urban Outfitters // Bracelets – Forever 21

I love my new hair! What do you guys think? It seems to turn so many hues of lavender and lilac in different lighting. Last night it even looked blonde with no color at all. I really wanted it to pop in this photo though, thats why I decided to just wear this simple ivory dress.

In other news, I’m going to NYC again at the end of the month for one of my bestie’s bachelorette party. Definitely going to bring the camera to document the crazy that will be taking place. That’s what friend are for right? To snap pics of you wasted on your big night. Or even better right when you wake up hungover the next morning! Oh are you sleeping Annie? Is that drool on your face? SNAP!!!! Muahahaaaa <3 No I would never, well maybe. Ok so I wouldn’t post those pictures on the blog at least, I’m not a terrible person.

37 Responses to “Personal Style: Candy Colored”

  1. Tonya

    You are seriously sooo beautiful and I adore your style, it’s always so inspiring! LOVE everything about this <3

  2. Alice

    The color came out AMAZING!!! I think it looks great with the white dress too.

  3. Prim and Pimp

    your hair is bananas…love it


  4. Taylor

    Your hair is incredible! Love the whole look… Sunning.

  5. Jacqueline

    Good God, once again you look stunning! that color came out so great!!!

    Lot’s of love from the other side of the Atlantic ocean!!

    xoxo, Jacqueline

    Mannequin de Vitrine

  6. Annie

    No drool pictures!! hahaha xx

  7. Kailee

    Love the new hair color! It makes me miss my lavender locks as well! I really dig the color of your hair paired with the white dress too…

    xo Kailee
    The Jet Blonde

  8. kellen

    You look AMAZING! I’m so happy to see the outcome of your hair. You should have had lavender hair your whole life, it looks that good!


  9. tanya

    Your hair looks amazing!!!!!!

  10. Chloe

    I love this outfit! So minimal but still edgy. And your hair is fantastic. Did you do it yourself or get it done (and if so, where???)?

  11. julia

    omgosh how lovely hair! are you going to do a hair tutorial of those curls?

  12. Nicole Johnson

    I love your hair!!!!!!!!!

  13. Rose

    your hair is amazing!! so jealous. the outfit is super cute too!

  14. annette

    thanks for your comment on chictopia! So glad you did cuz I love your blog! Amazing style and RIDICULOUS hair!!


  15. Rea

    wow perfect! love the colors!

  16. Daisy

    awww which product did you use to get this color??

    amazing <3

    x Daisy

  17. Silpa

    Your hair is so amazing, I’ve never seen anyone pull off lavender better! Did you do it yourself?

  18. Julie


  19. missaudrey

    this color is fabulous. love it.

  20. Rima

    Fantastic colour!!!! Good job ;)

  21. Eleanor J

    love your hair and dress! xx

  22. Style without style

    Your hair is so amazing, color is great! :)


    I am a big fan of your outfits :) Beautiful hair :) I’m following you now on Bloglovin too :)

  24. Rehana Silver

    Oh dear,i love ur new hair!!such beautiful,and i really want to know how you did it?did you just use a spray hair color or coloring/bleaching?glad if you let me know :))
    And I’m ur new follower now,would you like to follow me back??

  25. alicia

    lurve your hair!! just like cotton candy. i bet it will fade to a cool color too.

    xo alicia

  26. fauxrealfashion

    LOVE your hair! It looks beautiful.

  27. devorelebeaumonstre.

    you are so absolutely gorgeous! I love this outfit! <33

  28. silvia

    I fell in love with your new hair! I wanna know everything about it: how, what color, what kind of extensions, how you style it, please please make a hair tutorial!

  29. Hanna

    I love your hair!! :)

  30. Phyllis


  31. Lisa

    I am in love with your hair! that dress is beautiful.

  32. stefania

    you’re so beautiful!!
    i’m in love with your style

  33. HarrietG

    Amazing hair!!! Love love love!!
    -hairstylist from Finland :)

  34. Olivia

    wow! The dress really does make it pop!
    Your hair is beautiful!!

  35. Hype

    Your dress is very nice!
    Nice bracelets we carry very similiar bracelets

  36. Hanna

    aaand i’m the millionth gal to ask, but i too am obsessed with dying my hair silly colors when i’m bored and i’m dying for lavender. What kind of dye/product are you using for that color?! youz a boss m’lady.

  37. Chelsea

    I am in love with your hair, regardless of the color. But, the lavender/lilac look is just so gorgeous and unique! Where do you get your hair done? I happen to live in Arizona also.

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