Monday, February 21, 2011

Diggin’ Dipped Dos

runway hair

blue waters


topshop hair

pretty n pink

pink and purple

freepeople braid

topshop blue hair

hot pink

charlotte free

blue and green

Although this may be an old trend for some, I’m in LOVE with dye dipped hair. I currently have teal in mine, but it’s fast fading. I used manic panic color, which I heard doesn’t last long, but is really vibrant at first. True and true. It also didn’t stain my skin. Not looking like a smurf is always a plus. Some may disagree I suppose.
I’m thinking of adding some violet soon. What do you think?

Source: Fashion Squad, Free People, Studded Hearts, Topshop

Friday, February 18, 2011

Look but don’t Touch





I like cacti, so it is a good thing I live in Arizona. I’m not sure why I find them so interesting, but I think they are really beautiful. Succulents really do it for me too. I can’t say I have a green thumb by any means though. What’s that you say? You can’t kill a cactus? HA, wrong!
You know what? This blog has really made me see that I have a lot of strange obsession. Stay tuned for more.

Source: Sarah E Kershaw, B Garbee

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tri Tri Triangle


this is marcel

club muscles

liam wylie

triangle tattoo

eric hurtgen

gemeg tri pendant

I love triangles. I have some creepy thing for ALL geometric shape, especially ones that involve triangles. I also get creepy about turquoise. That’s why I’m kinda obsessed with the first picture of the Aaron Moran’s assemblage piece. Could you picture a potted cactus sitting next to that bad boy on a parsons table? Oofta, good stuff!

The last piece I left you with is a newly crafted necklace for GEMEG Jewelry. It’s definitely one of my favorite pieces from my collection. Many of the pieces revolve around the triangle shape. (How many times can I say pieces in one post?) Reese’s pieces. 6

Source: Design for Mankind, Aaron Moran, Marcel Kaczmarek, Club Muscles, Liam Wylie, Eric Hurtgen