Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Personal Style: If I Fall

Amanda Shoemaker - Oneofeachblog.com

Amanda Shoemaker - Oneofeachblog.com

Amanda Shoemaker - Oneofeachblog.com

Amanda Shoemaker - Oneofeachblog.com

Amanda Shoemaker - Oneofeachblog.com

Amanda Shoemaker - Oneofeachblog.com

We The Free Circle In The Sand Tee – Free People // Dolphin Hem Denim Cut Offs – Free People // Alister Crossbody – Free People // Bracelets – Madewell // Evil Eye Necklace – Romwe // Booties – Urban Outfitters

Herrow my peoples! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. I’m currently having a splendid one. Mainly because I am very excited for the shopping event I am co-hosting tomorrow night. (I bloggeled about it yesterday, so if you missed it, check it out here!
Secondly – I’m excited that I’m basically decked out, head-to-tow in Free People today. My lover-ly husband gave me the Alister Crossbody bag this past Valentine’s day. He is a sweet, sweet man and knows all weird ways to my heart.
I can’t say much else is new and/or exciting, so until next time. <3

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Tuesday Tuneday: An Assortment Of Things

Since my last post was titled “Listen to French Music”, many of you would like to know what French music I speak of. If you have already begun to play the video above, by now I’m sure you have noticed that it is in fact – not a French song. Not only is it not a French song, but it was originally sung by the German singer Nico, and is being covered here by a Swedish man. Although I have really been into 60’s French music recently, I’m sharing this song with you instead because I am kinda in love with it at the moment. So that is that.
I do not want to disappoint though, so I will also share a few French singers I have been listening to…these days. (Wink-wink, see what I did there.) Françoise Hardy is the top lady on my list. You may even recolonize her song “Le Temps de L’Amour” from the Moonrise Kingdom preview. I also enjoy Jane Birkin of course. Both ladies defiantly inspired my mood, and my hair style last week. Oh and Stella is up there as well. Really any French song from the 60’s will do.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Listen to French Music

One of Each Blog

One of Each Blog

One of Each Blog

One of Each Blog

Flannel Shirt – Husbands // Jeans – Nudies // Boots – Thrifted

My advice…listen to French music and cut your own bangs.


Wednesday, September 05, 2012

DIY: ‘One of Each’ Lavender Locks

Lavender Hair - Illustration - Amanda Shoemaker - Oneofeachblog.com

As promised, I’m letting you in on my until-now secret of my pastel purple hair. At what better timing might I add. As the color has faded out of my hair, it’s time for me to pass the torch and the legacy.

Also I thought I would show you guys another side of me. You know, my many ‘One of Each’ sides. Which happens to be illustration. I think I will start adding more to the blog on a regular basis, so I hope you enjoy them. 😉

Now for the details on my hair color. It’s really semi-permanent which I think is great. You can go from color to color that way, once the last color washes out. What’s that you say? You don’t want your lovely new purple hair to wash down the drain? We’ll don’t you fret, I’ve got it under control. Just mix the hair color into your shampoo and conditioner and use it every time you shower, and presto! No fade outs!

STEP 1: Have your hair professionally bleached. Seriously. I did bleach mine myself, but it’s a risky move. After the 4th time of bleaching my regrowth I got a lot of breakage around my face and my part. So really you have to be careful. If I had bleached my whole head the last time, all my hair would have broke off. So that’s that. Go get your damn hair bleached at a salon. Also make sure to pick up a deep conditioning treatment to keep your hair soft and less likely to break. I use Queen Helene Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream from Sally’s Beauty Supply.

STEP 2: Prep! Time to make your conditioner concoction. It’s more like a toner, to add some life into the purple. To make your toning conditioner you will need; you Manic Panic semi-permanent hair color in Pretty Flamingo, a color mixing bowl, a color extend conditioner, and an extra bottle to put your new conditioner in.
Start with about half the bottle of conditioner in the mixing bowl. Now honestly you only need the tiniest dot of the Manic Panic. (Which looks like a hot pink-ish red color.) Start with a little dab, and mix. Continue adding more until you get a really nice pastel pink. If you add too much color, just add more of your conditioner. One you have your desired shade, add it into your bottle.

STEP 3: Shower! Wash you hair with a purple shampoo. I use GVP Conditioning Shampoo, which is also from Sally’s. I use a lot of shampoo when I do this step. Make sure to get all of your hair saturated, and let the shampoo sit for about 10 mins. Watch out because it’s messy and will look like you murdered barney in your shower. Also try not to lather it too much in the beginning. Wait at least 5 mins before you lather. After the full 10 mins, rinse with cool water and repeat if necessary.

STEP 4: Now I bet your hair looks short of gray-silver-purpleish right? Well unless that’s the look you where going for you’ll want to add your conditioning mixture to your hair. Again, make sure to fully saturate you hair with conditioner. Leave on for 2-3 mins and rinse with cool water.

STEP 5: Style hair as usual. I would suggest air drying though, since your hair is damaged from the bleaching process.

Ta-da! Now you have lovely lavender locks, mesmerizing mermaid hair, a tantalizing tress. Okay Okay you get the picture!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Personal Style: Color Fades

Amanda Shoemaker - Oneofeachblog.com

Amanda Shoemaker - Oneofeachblog.com

Amanda Shoemaker - Oneofeachblog.com

Amanda Shoemaker - Oneofeachblog.com

Amanda Shoemaker - Oneofeachblog.com Sparkle & Fade Knit Sweater-Dress – Urban Outfitters // Cat Eye Sunnies – Urban Outfitters // RVCA hat – Swell.com // Spiked Pony Hair Crossbag in TanAlainn Bella // Jewelery – Back Stage*

Fall is in the air, I can feel it! And by feel it I mean I can feel that it isn’t 116 degrees outside. It’s more like 100. It’s even going to get below 100 this week and by my definition…that means it’s fall.

I’m so excited to start getting all my comfy knits and fall pieces out of hiding soon. Of course I’ll need to add to my collection. Oops I may have already started…with my new cross-over bag. The tan vegan leather is perfect color for fall and I think the pony hair accent really gives it some warmth. Not to mention the gunmetal findings that gives the bag that edge I always need.

What items are on you fall must have list?

Oh I guess I should also mention something about my hair huh?! The purple has been fading out, so I decided to mix up a new greenish-teal color concoction. I’ll give that a go for a while. Love? I think I was a mermaid in a past life. I can’t get enough of these pastel hair hues.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Personal Style: Inspired

Amanda Shoemaker - Oneofeachblog.com

Amanda Shoemaker - Oneofeachblog.com

Amanda Shoemaker - Oneofeachblog.com

Amanda Shoemaker - Oneofeachblog.com

Amanda Shoemaker - Oneofeachblog.com Mesh Tank – H&M // CK Jeans – DIY // Sandals – Zara // Bralette – Urban Outfitters // Body Wrap Necklace – F21

Recently my DIY senses have been tingling. It’s short of the same as spidey senses, except I never spit spiderwebs out of my hands. Hmm, I bet there is a DIY for that. Anyways I had the urge to craft, and so I did. I ran out to the thrift store a bagged these old school CK jeans. Yeah that’s right. Calvin Klein’s baby! Normally I denim DIY with old Levi’s, but finding them was an unsuccessful mission. So with my bad-ass CK’s in hand, I got to work. I was inspired by Marques’ Almeida’s rad shredded denim from the Spring 2012 line.

What do you guys think? Tutorial worthy? Lemme know if you want me to post a DIY tut on how I got shredding.

Amanda Shoemaker from Oneofeachblog.com

Amanda Shoemaker from Oneofeachblog.com

Amanda Shoemaker from Oneofeachblog.com

Amanda Shoemaker from Oneofeachblog.com Bolo Tie Optional Sleeveless Purple TopLulus.com // Mink Pink Slasher Flick White Cutoff Jean ShortsLulus.com // Western Vintage Belt – Thrifted // Bracelets – Forever 21 // Turquoise Rings – Tombstone, AZ Gift Shop // Jeffrey Campbell Black Detention BootsNasty Gal

So I almost died this week. For three reasons.

One, being that Jeffrey Campbell wrote up this freaking amazing feature of me on their blog. ME. THEM. SHOCKED. You can check it out HERE!!!!! 😀

Two, I decided to take a jog. In Arizona. At noon. When there is no shade. Like an idiot. I had woke up really early so for some reason I thought it was later in the day. Wrong-o! I basically almost died of heat stroke. I think I am being a little overly dramatic, but while I was walking home at a snails pace I honestly keep thinking that I was going to have to flag some random car over to drive me back home. Even when I was like 1 block from my house. Heck even when I could see my house! And to think, when I starting my run I even said to myself… “Pfffttt, I’m awesome! I’m not even sweating!! It’s been 12 minutes and I have so much stamina still. BOO YEAH!” Then I turned around to head home. Well yeah you amazing awesome runner, that same 12 minute run, took you 40 minutes to walk home. I even stood in someones front yard for a second because they had their sprinklers going. I was surviving out there!!!

Three, over this amazing western top from Lulus.com. I love the detail on the collar and how the hue complements my new hair color. What do you guys think? Totally dying right?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY: Velcro Changeable Trims

Cute trims on shorts are all over the place right now. I knew I had to think of a clever DIY that was different than just sewing on lace trim to the bottom of your favorite pair of denim shorts and loosing them to lace forever. And I did! So take that brain!
“Now with my Fabulous DIY Velcro Interchangeable Trim you can keep your fave cut-off shorts and Velcro on a cute trim anytime you want to spice them up, without changing them permanently.” (*in crazy infomercial voice.)
Pretty cool huh?!

I decided to get some trims from Jo-Ann’s, but I also thought I could reuse some of those adorable shopping bags you get from Free People.

* Trims
* Shorts (Denim or any kind really)
* Velcro (I got 2 packs of Velcro Fabric Fusion Iron On – In black)
* Iron
* Scissors
* Pins

STEP 1: With your shorts inside out, grab a piece of the looped side of the Velcro. (That’s the soft side. That way if you have no trim on your shorts it won’t irritate your legs.) Peel the Velcro from the plastic backing.

STEP 2: Place the stick side on to your shorts at the bottom.

STEP 3: Go all the way around shorts on both side. I did 6 on each leg. 3 in the back and 3 in the front.

STEP 4: Measure your trim by pinning it around the bottom of your shorts.

STEP 5: Cut off any extra trim, but leave a small overlap. Repeat for both legs.

STEP 6: Peel plastic backing of hooked side and place onto the trim. Start to remove the pins and place as you go.

STEP 7: Remove all trim. Heat iron, following the directions from the Velcro instructions.

STEP 8: Iron on the looped Velcro to your shorts.

STEP 9: Iron on the hooked Velcro to your trim.

REPEAT! Iron on Velcro to as many different trims you have!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Beauty: Extended Lengths

Hair Extension Tutorial - One of Each Blog

Hello loves! I have always promised hair tutorials for you guys…and BAM! Here is my first one. Awe good old clip in hair extensions. Next time I’ll show you guys how I curl my hair, and some fun braids will be coming up too. Let me know if you guys have any questions!

STEP 1: Start out with dry straight hair and have your extensions ready. *Note brand new hair is extremely silly and smooth. So unless you hair is the same texture, I would HIGHLY recommend washing them first. I use Redken shampoo and conditioner. This makes them a bit more natural feeling and easier to style.
Also, I use 2 packs of hair.

STEP 2: Put your hair up on the top of your head, and pull down about a 1 in section of hair. Spray hair at the part with hairspray.

STEP 3: Tease section of hair with a rat tail comb. This will help the extension clip have something to grasp onto.

STEP 4: Grab one of your extension wefts. I normally start with a smaller one.

STEP 5: Hold weft up to the part, and center it. Then starting with the middle snap, clip extension into place.

STEP 6: Continue these steps until you reach the top half of your head. *see photo. This is the order I place extensions, from the bottom up. Small, small, long, long, small. (All with 3 clips)

STEP 7: Part hair on the side, and clip in the very small wefts. The ones that only have 1 clip. Repeat on other side.

STEP 8: Marvel at you new lovely locks!

Monday, June 04, 2012

DIY: American Flag Fringe Shirt


step 1

ta da

step 6

finished shirt

finished shirt

Just in time for 4th of July!!!

What you’ll need:
* American Flag Inspired T-Shirt
* Scissors
* Ruler
* Cloth Marker/Chalk

Step 1:
Mark shirt along the front and back of the collar for more of an “off the shoulder” type look. Make sure to mark the front deeper than the back. Also mark the bottom of the shirt. Crop it shorter if you’d like. I cut right above the stitching.

Step 2:
Cut along marked lines on the neck and the bottom of the shirt. Remember not to cut the front and back of the neck at the same time.

Step 3:
Start about 5-6 inches from the bottom of the shirt, and mark a horizontal line. This is where the fringe will start and your stoping point when you being to cut. Then mark 1 inch vertical strips along the bottom on the shirt. This will be the fringe.

Step 4:
Cut along vertical marked lines until you hit your stoping point. For this I cut through both sides of the shirt at once.

Step 5:
Once strips have been cut, pinch the top and bottom of a single strip and pull. This should stretch the strip and cause the sides to curl in. Repeat!

Step 6:
Put on and go find a bbq.