Wednesday, August 03, 2011

DIY: Christopher Kane Inspired Galaxy Tee

christopher kane galaxy inpsiration

diy galaxy tee

shirt in action

shirt in action


I’ve been a fan of these galaxy prints from Christopher Kane for ages, so I took it upon myself to try and recreate the galaxy effect. It ended up being so easy, and I think it turned out to be pretty rad.

What you’ll need:
* Black Cotton Tee (or try a skirt or dress)
* Spray Bottle
* Bleach solution (4 parts water, 1 part bleach)
* Blow Dryer (optional)

Step 1:
In a well ventilated, and able to get messy area, lay tee out flat. Spray with bleach solution in a random “galaxy-like” pattern.

Step 2:
Scrunch tee and repeat spray. This will help to make the pattern look more organic.

Step 3:
Dry. I used my blow dryer to accelerate the bleach. You could also toss tee in the dryer, or lay the tee out in the sun.

Step 4:
Run your tee though the wash with cool water. Or rinse with cool water by hand.

Step 5:
TA-DA! Your done! Wear your new rad galaxy t-shirt.

23 Responses to “DIY: Christopher Kane Inspired Galaxy Tee”

  1. Courtney

    I use bleach to tie dye colored t-shirts. I love seeing what colors I can pull! I never thought to use a spray bottle. Awesome idea!

  2. Amanda

    Court! I thought of you when I made this shirt!
    Amanda- One Of Each Blog

  3. Lovelyladyjb

    wow I love this! Im def doing this! thanks!

  4. Cynthia

    Beautiful! it’s a very good idea.

  5. thestreetfashion5xpro


  6. Tonje

    Wow, thats amazing! i’m going to try with a black dress. But how did you know what colour the tee ends up with?

  7. Bianca

    beyond gorgeous! you, your photos and your sense of style is amazing.
    great post, jst looked through your blog and it’s incredible! def following <3 xx

  8. Lise

    J’adore l’idée! Je vais essayer des que j’aurais l’occasion.
    Bisous Bisous

  9. Amanda

    Thank you darlings! :)
    Amanda – One of Each Blog

  10. Amanda

    I think I must have known black cotton turns an orangey-red, from accidentally splashing bleach on my laundry!

  11. Lauren

    This really just made my week. I will definitely be doing this when I have free time!

  12. Jessica :)

    omg !! i’ve been obsessed with the whole galaxy print as well !!
    and by coming across this .. it just made my day ! def doing this :)

    thank youuu !!

  13. schoepfergeist

    I love this idea, very creative. I often do thinks like that, designing shirts and jewelry.
    For me fashion is a creative way to express your personality and with designing your own items it totally succeeds.
    Pretty great blog.

  14. Twins

    amazing!!! love the idea!! wanna do it :)

  15. Nb

    I just found your blog, you are TOO cute, LOOOVE your style and your pics xxo -nb

  16. Hanna

    this blog is so awesome, full of ideas and inspiration ! it just became one of my favourites :—)


    I absolutely adore this! I’ve been looking for galaxy print garments of clothing in many high street stores but I haven’t yet found an item that I like. However, this is exquisite! I just have one concern about how to wash this top – it would have to be hand washed, right? As much as I love the galaxy theme, I wouldn’t like my work clothes to exhibit the same print!

  18. Amanda

    Yes, I would recommend washing it by hand with cold water, or running it through the wash alone.

    Amanda-One of Each Blog

  19. C.

    I love this! I featured this in my blog because it was such a cool idea!

  20. TANYA

    Thank you amanda for this awesome idea! I love galaxy prints and I want a galaxy shirt for a long time but I couldnt find I made it like you and its totally amazing! once again thank you :)

  21. Gentri

    I seriously am dying over this!! So excited to try it!!

  22. Noemi

    hi!!! I love this! :D i was searching for a galaxy t shirt so i found you :) i have a blog about DIY, would you like to visit me? well, this is the link, kisses and happy chritsmas :D

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