Thursday, December 15, 2011

DIY Hardware Necklace

Jane by Design Style Challenge

Jane by Design Style Challenge

Here are the close ups of my DIY Hardware necklaces.

The supplies include:
-Brass Hexagonal Nuts
-Pipe Nipples-Connectors (Yes they were really called nipples)
-Thin rope

Just string on different pieces in interesting patters, and ta-da you have an amazing statement necklace.

12 Responses to “DIY Hardware Necklace”

  1. julia

    omg, this necklace is perfect! i’m def. going to make one! thanks for the diy!

  2. Marie a la Mode

    I love them! You know I buy nipples, it’s part of my job ; ) Seriously! Nuts and Nipples! ha ha

  3. Dee

    Wow, these are great!

  4. vasilieva


  5. xxM

    Such a great simple statement piece! I love it and will have to make one myself!


  6. Annybubbles

    Amazing DIY, love the necklace


  7. sofia


  8. Kaye Awatin

    I’ve always wanted to have one, but thanks to this I can do it on my own :)


  9. April Lyn

    Absolutely love your idea, I did this too with copper for the rose gold effect x

    the suit for dreams.

  10. Anthea

    Absolutely stunning statement piece. Totally love how cool it is (:

  11. tanya

    These look awesome.

  12. Fiona Griffin

    These nut and bolt necklaces are amazing! x

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