Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY: Velcro Changeable Trims

Cute trims on shorts are all over the place right now. I knew I had to think of a clever DIY that was different than just sewing on lace trim to the bottom of your favorite pair of denim shorts and loosing them to lace forever. And I did! So take that brain!
“Now with my Fabulous DIY Velcro Interchangeable Trim you can keep your fave cut-off shorts and Velcro on a cute trim anytime you want to spice them up, without changing them permanently.” (*in crazy infomercial voice.)
Pretty cool huh?!

I decided to get some trims from Jo-Ann’s, but I also thought I could reuse some of those adorable shopping bags you get from Free People.

* Trims
* Shorts (Denim or any kind really)
* Velcro (I got 2 packs of Velcro Fabric Fusion Iron On – In black)
* Iron
* Scissors
* Pins

STEP 1: With your shorts inside out, grab a piece of the looped side of the Velcro. (That’s the soft side. That way if you have no trim on your shorts it won’t irritate your legs.) Peel the Velcro from the plastic backing.

STEP 2: Place the stick side on to your shorts at the bottom.

STEP 3: Go all the way around shorts on both side. I did 6 on each leg. 3 in the back and 3 in the front.

STEP 4: Measure your trim by pinning it around the bottom of your shorts.

STEP 5: Cut off any extra trim, but leave a small overlap. Repeat for both legs.

STEP 6: Peel plastic backing of hooked side and place onto the trim. Start to remove the pins and place as you go.

STEP 7: Remove all trim. Heat iron, following the directions from the Velcro instructions.

STEP 8: Iron on the looped Velcro to your shorts.

STEP 9: Iron on the hooked Velcro to your trim.

REPEAT! Iron on Velcro to as many different trims you have!