Friday, December 30, 2011

Gemeg Jewelry Giveaway – CLOSED

Amethyst Dream Necklace Giveaway

Amethyst Dream Necklace Giveaway

Amethyst Dream Necklace Giveaway

It’s that time again you crazy cats, for a GEMEG Jewelry GIVEAWAY!!! For all my new readers GEMEG is my very own jewelry line. Each item of jewelry is handcrafted my moi and are all one of a kind pieces, including this special Amethyst Dream Necklace.
All you have to do to enter is click HERE to follow One of Each Blog on Bloglovin, and then click HERE to stay in touch on Facebook. Once you have entered, comment below with your name, Fackbook link (or email address) so I can contact you if you win. One lucky reader will be chosen at random on January 9th. Make sure to mark those calendars and good luck!

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  1. Leoni

    Following :)

  2. bea

    wow, wonderful giveaway!!!!
    fb:il mercatino di bea

  3. Freyja

    beautiful necklace :-)
    I did all the steps ;-)

  4. Alice

    I love the combination of stones! Good luck everyone :)

  5. andrea

    Hey there! love the necklace, hope i can win even though i don’t have facebook (I’m cool like that XD) love your blog, greetings from croatia!!

  6. Margara Carbajal

    Beautiful jewelry! Thank you for the giveaway
    fb: Margara Carbajal

  7. Chloe Burnside

    pretty :) Chloe xxxx

  8. Emma

    Woo hoo! Happy follower!

  9. Daria

    Fingers crossed :)


  10. haley

    Please always make jewelry. That necklace is lovely!

  11. Jo.

    Joanna Z.

  12. Eline

    amazing jewellery! Count me in!

  13. Vanessa da silva miranda

    is beautiful!! gonna check the rest of the collection but i would love to win this piece.
    on facebook im Vanessa da Silva Miranda and my email is (although this is not my FB email).
    good luck for me ;)

  14. Alyse

    Beautiful necklace!! :)

  15. Martina

    Martina =)

  16. Toni

    Beautiful work!!

    Toni –

  17. Nika

    beuatiful necklace!!!
    everything done :)

  18. Lindsey

    Amazing jewelry! Greetings from San Diego :D

  19. Thao

    Truly one of a kind, jewellery x

  20. Matina

    i am following :) love the necklace!

    email is angela.matina@ gmail. com

  21. abbie

    entered :)

  22. Amy

    so so lovely!!
    my name is amy, fb is
    and email is

    fingers crossed!! xx

  23. Emy Koster

    What a lovely piece!! Already following;) email:

  24. Natalie

    Gorgeous necklace! Fingers crossed!

  25. jenny kourpagiannidou

    wow!!!amazing giveaway!so beautiful necklace!
    i am already following you!liked you on facebook!
    my facebook name is jenny kourpi
    my email is

  26. Miss Dakotta

    Hey!! I just discovered your blog and I can only say that I LooovE it!! Your style is incredible. It’s fresh, with a lot of personality and cool. Love the way you mix your clothes. Good job!! ;)

    Miss Dakotta

  27. Elena

    FB Name: Elena Piñón Giz

  28. zuzankita

    I love it!
    following :)

  29. Shibani

    Wow, I actually looked at the image and thought it was a designer piece! It’s lovely :) following you on Bloglovin’ and have already liked your page on Facebook. My e-mail address is :) xx

  30. xxM

    Looove this! You are so creative!


  31. Lindsie

    love following your blog and pinboards! amazing work xx

  32. Nicolette Steele

    I need that necklace in my life. <3

  33. Sarah

    Love reading your blog, and I love you jewellery!

  34. Vicky

    I love that necklace…


  35. Martine

    Love it!

    x Martine

  36. Megan

    I check your blog everyday! so glad your back! love GEMEG!

  37. Madi Rasmussen

    love it!!

  38. Szabina L

    sooo unique and eye-catching necklace…wondercrystal
    FB: Szabina Luzics
    porcukorborso at gmail dot com

  39. Mónica C. Welton

    nice giveaway!


  40. Juliette BONIAU

    Love your blog and your creations! INCREDIBLE GIVEAWAY, thanks!!

    Ok, my email is :

    Kisses xx

  41. Alice & Gabriela

    Beautiful jewellery. Fallen in love with it xx

  42. Jade Lee

    This is an amazing piece, so unique.

    Jade Michelle (facebook name)

  43. Blair

    pick me! pick me! xo :)

    blair badge

  44. Ty'Anna Howell

    Lovely gesture. I hope I win!!!

  45. Barbara

    beautifull giveaway :)
    fb: Babi Lezzi

  46. Stephh

  47. Dee Wallace

    Love this piece. Thanks for the giveaway!

    deebelievesinyou [at] gmail [dot] com

  48. jessica

    love your blog and the piece beautiful

  49. Alicia Nicholls

    love your jewelry!! :D

  50. Jovi

    i love your blog and your jewelry :) hope your blog gets selected for the Jane by Design contest

  51. Szabina L

    I’m already following :) (unfortunately I unfollowed you for 2-seconds XD)
    Szabina Luzics
    email:porcukorborso@gmail dot com

  52. olivia

    did it all! [=

  53. Larissa

    Love it!
    Larissa Blintz –

  54. Josey

    wow!!!amazing giveaway!so beautiful necklace!
    i am already following you!liked you on facebook!
    my facebook name is jenny kourpi
    my email is


  55. Jasmine H.

    love it so much :)

  56. Eliza K.

    i love your jewelry! and of course your blog! have a happy new years

  57. Debra Pearlstein

    I love amethyst – your jewelry is gorgeous as is this necklace. Thank you for the chance. I follow on BlogLovin’ and like you on FB: Dee Pearlstein Happy 2012!

  58. Pia Corneloues

    Wow beautiful necklace, I love amethyst used to have an old amethyst necklace <3

  59. Vani

    I would love to win this necklace, it’s gorgeous!

  60. Abby Lane

    Abby Lane

  61. Stacie

    I love love your jewelry collections and of course your blog.

  62. Erin

    Hi, this is a totally unrelated comment, but you mentioned in a previous post you wear extensions. What kind do you get? Oh and are they clip in? Thanks:]
    Love your blog.

  63. Kiana

    Wow i love your blog !

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