Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jane by Design Style Challenge 1

It feels good to complete the first style challenge for Jane by Design. Hopefully my shopping finds are impressive enough to move on to the next round. Also I mentioned that if you have a haul video to share, you can post them on the Jane by Design Facebook page HERE. If you do, it will actually boost my chances of continuing to the next challenge. I hope you guys can help. Just tell mention that Amanda from One of Each Blog sent you. Thanks so much! <3

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  1. kristia

    hey you are amazing! i love your style your hair everything .. i have same length like your hair. and i want to buy some extensions. do you have any advise ? What kind of extensions do you were and how to you make them to look SO NATURAL are they wavy or straight? Clips ? please do a tutorial how you make your hair look so amazing ! Thank you !

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