Monday, December 19, 2011

Jane by Design Style Challenge # 2

Jane By Design Style Challenge

Who is your style icon? That was the question posed to us bloggers competing in the Jane by Design Style Challenge. Not only were we to write about our style icon, but we had to take the plain white tee from our trunks and create a design inspired by that icon.

Jane By Design Style Challenge

Mine was a no brainer. Chloë Sevigny is my ultimate style inspiration. She is always pushing fashion limits and it seems as if nothing will hold her creativity back. Not only am I inspired by Chloë’s sense of style, but also by her range of talent and her many accomplishments. I would have to say that Chloë is the definition of a “One of Each” girl. She’s an actor, model, fashion designer, and an all around “it” girl. Her style really encompasses all of her identities. From red carpet glam to 90′s grunge inspired looks, Chloë Sevigny embodies today’s fashion chameleon.

chloe sevigny

chloe sevigny

As I starred at my blank canvas in the form of a white tee-shirt, I began to brainstorm what I believe exemplifies Chloë style. Then it came to me. My creation needed to be versatile, fresh, edgy, with a hint of her signature 90′s flare. I got to work and decided to crop and distress my shirt. I wanted to keep it simple to help go from day to night – office to evening out. I cropped it to touch on the 90′s feeling while also giving it that young and fresh vibe. Then to distress, I shredded patches up the sides of the shirt to create a really edgy finish. (Be careful doing that btw. I totally stabbed my finger with my seam ripper and almost added a nice red spatter to my shirt!)

Jane by Design Style Challenge

Jane by Design Style Challenge

Jane by Design Style Challenge

Jane by Design Style Challenge

Jane by Design Style Challenge

I love the fact that my creation could be kept casual with jeans, dressed up with a high waisted skirt, thrown over a dress, or paired with a flannel. You could even wear it to the office with a blazer and high waited trousers. With all that versatility, I think nothing could embody Chloë’s style better.

Now I will ask you the same question. Who is your style icon? To help me out with the contest and post your answers HERE on the Jane by Design Facebook page!

9 Responses to “Jane by Design Style Challenge # 2”

  1. Natalie

    Great tee, love it! My style icon would definitely have to be Alexa Chung, I love the ‘just thrown on’ look, and think she does it brilliantly, yet still looking stylish. I think you actually look a bit like her! x

  2. Nora

    I love your blog and your’s sense of style. This shirt is awesome. How did you do it?

  3. Caroline

    Love that tee!

  4. Closet Confections - A Sweet Personal Style Blog

    I love the simplicity and subtle details of your design. Very nicely done!

  5. April Lyn

    I really love what you did with the plain white tee, have you worn it yet? Found you via Lookbook :)

    April Lyn

    the suit for dreams.

  6. AIDA

    I love the t-shirt and I’ve decided to copy it (sorry!) but how do you distress it? I’ve practised on a few old t-shirts and it just won’t work :(
    any tips?

  7. Jessica

    Love Chloe Sevigny & i like how you edited the tee – i think you represented her well!

  8. Vani

    Chloe is also one of my style icons, she’s so stylish and original.
    I looooooved your tshirt design!

  9. Ida-Jessica

    Hello beautiful,
    you are one of my style icons!
    I did little presentation about your blog in mine,
    so feel free to check it out and let me know if you don’t like it!


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