Amanda Shoemaker -

Amanda Shoemaker -

Amanda Shoemaker - Grey Tank-American Apparel // Evil Eye Necklace – // Bellbottom Jeans – Citizens of Humanity // Chelsea Boots – Urban Outfitters

Hello my peoples! As we all know I always tend to keep my looks pretty simple, unlike my hair colors. But I heard this new phrase and I’ve decided it’s my new motto. “Keep it simple stupid.” And that’s that.

So big road trip with weekend with my best bud Annie. We are heading up north to check out the AZ sights. I’m doing a guest post for a pretty amazing blog and I need to get some good shots of what Arizona is all about.
You’ll have to wait until next week to find out more. Muuahahaaa! I like to add some suspense for you guys.

Oh and here is a little ditty I just wrote about my look.

“Red lips, turnin’ ticks.
Girl that booty makes me sick.
Flare jeans, lookin’ mean
Girl you make me wanna scream.”

You’re welcome.

(Obviously I look like a prostitute turning ticks in these photos, and or I’m just a really awesome rhymer.)

10 Responses to “Personal Style: Keepin it Simple Stoopid”

  1. Jen Blondet

    Yuor hair is just SOOOO amazing. I love everything about it, cut, color and texture. I enjoy your site :)

  2. Emily Ulrich

    That’s what makes you and your blog so unique! You have the perfect balance between eccentricity and difference with casual, cool, and understated styling. And that little stanza of rhyme is the perfect example. :)

  3. Rea

    love your tank top doll!

  4. Abbey

    You’re so beautiful. I love your outfits!

  5. Tanya

    Love those jeans, they’re so hot.

  6. style-xyz

    love this top and bra!

  7. Joanne S.

    nice pair of jeans!

    xx Joanne
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  8. Hype

    Love the red lipstick!

  9. Cassandra

    Omg! Love your hair!

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    xoxo backtofive

  10. Iselin

    You look fantastic! Love your look. Just started reading your blog, love from Norway.

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