Monday, May 21, 2012

Neon and Nude

Neon and Nude

Neon and Nude

Neon and Nude

Neon and Nude

Neon and Nude
Nude Dress: Forever 21, Neon Necklace: H&M, Skate Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell

Happy Monday my friends. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. If you have the Monday blues, you always have Tuesday Tuneday to look forward to. ;)

22 Responses to “Neon and Nude”

  1. nororre

    tu es superbe! et ton collier est sublime je vais aller faire un tour chez h&m moi!


  2. Manon

    Oh my gosh, i love the necklace! It suits you really good.

  3. christina

    perfect!!!i love the necklace!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Carlotta

    I love your necklace!

  5. tasha

    I love your style and your blog. Missed your outfits. But, I don’t like your new hair color, sorry! Your old hair style and color was so nice and looked much better on you.

  6. Mel Mould

    This outfit is just incredible. I’m so glad I followed your blog, i love this styling. The yellow necklace is just incredible, such a vibrant colour. love the whole look

    Mel x

  7. Danuta

    great combination<3

  8. Luna Tiger

    Great blog ! You’re beautiful !

  9. Elena

    Wow, stunning look!!! You are absolutely gorgeous!

  10. dragon fruit

    i love everything about this outfit, awesome styling.. the necklace is too cool! x

  11. cuteredbow

    Stunning combo of nude and neon !

  12. Riley Elise

    You look so gorgeous and your shoes are amazing! Im now following you!

  13. Rea

    wow~ how amazing is this necklace!!!

  14. Ines M.

    You hair is beautiful right now, fits your perfect.
    Loving your blog.

  15. Kristel Louisa

    Super love your statement necklace!

  16. thestreetfashion5xpro

    You look so beautiful…lovely pics!

  17. Jasmine

    This is so awesome! Love everything :)

  18. a stylized hysteria

    Such a GREAT outfit!

  19. Uli

    Wow your hair looks amazing here. And the pop of neon *_* ultra stunning!

  20. Raquel

    omgg!! this necklace!!!

    amazing blog ;)

    i’m following!

  21. tanya

    obsessed with your hair in these photos!

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