Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Personal Style: Seeing the Sun

One of Each Blog - Amanda Shoemaker

One of Each Blog - Amanda Shoemaker

One of Each Blog - Amanda Shoemaker

One of Each Blog - Amanda Shoemaker Beanie – H&M // Shake It Beach Pullover – Free People // Super Flare Cord – Free People // Chelsea Boots – Urban Outfitters

Since being posted up in my office now for weeks working on Shh! Maker Design, I honestly hadn’t notice that the leaves changed colors. Yes Arizona seasons are so weird. Here it is, the beginning of December and today’s high is 82 degrees. (Which is actually really warm – the rest of the week is in the 70′s & 60′s) Although I will most likely not be experiencing this amazing weather we are having because – I gots works to dos! Speaking of which, if there are any designs you would like to see up on the Etsy shop lemme know!

OH PS: These cords are the most soft – best pants ever. Yup!

9 Responses to “Personal Style: Seeing the Sun”

  1. Amy

    absolutely love your hair and beanie here. you pull off the 70s look so well!

  2. Erin S.

    Beautiful, love your pants!!!!

  3. vasilieva

    love these super flared pants

  4. Lisa

    You look gorgeous. Love the boots!

  5. cuteredbow

    Love your pullover ! You look fantastic !!!

  6. Juliet

    omg! love it so much !!!

  7. Betsy

    This outfit is super cool!

  8. Michelle

    Those cords are incredible. I wonder if I could slave over my sewing machine and do some DIY fashion and make a pair of my own!

  9. Mónica C. Welton

    Love that pull over!
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