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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday Tuneday: White Christmas

Merry Christmas

[audio:ChristmasCarol.mp3 | titles=White Christmas | artists=Aaron&Amanada]

As an early Christmas to himself, Aaron finally bought a fancy new Martin guitar. This in turn is also a Christmas present for me, because now he must learn all the songs I want to sing! He has no excuses now. Muuahahaha! (<--evil laugh) Basically that means he learned a LOT of Christmas songs over the past few weeks. Anyways we were just goofing around this weekend and decided to record a little jingle - nothing fancy. When I started my blog, I made it for myself. To express myself in any form that I felt like. Art, fashion, decorating, and if I so choose singing. I know we are not the most talented musicians in the world, but I like to sing, and no one can stop me! Plus the song is quite fitting for Arizona winters. So I hope everyone's holiday, if not filled with white snow, is filled with much love. Merry Christmas from Aaron & Amanda Photo Credit: Medowbrook Farm