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Monday, May 06, 2013

Come see me!

Marciano Dress Month Event

Hello my loves! For those of you lucky enough to live near me…to live in the wonderful state of Arizona, we finally have a chance to meet face to face.

“Duh-WHAT?”, you ask in astonishment?
I am co-hosting a fab shopping event with fellow fashion blogger Ashley, of Golden Divine, in celebration of dress month with Marciano.

“OMG, where?”, you ask?
At the Marciano Scottsdale Fashion Square store, of course.

“Please tell me when! I can not even bare to be in the dark on this any longer.”, you cry out.
I know – I’m excited too. Thankfully we only have to wait until this Wednesday, May 8th. The event takes place from 6-9pm – that’s 3 hours of par-tay time!

So please come and join me in this shop-tastic, dj bumping boom-bastic, drink sipping…(okay running out of words that end in “astic”) evening. You can also partake in a braid bar courtesy of Paul Mitchell and nibbles from The Herb Box. And wait there’s more! M Loyalty members will receive an exclusive gift with any purchase of $125 or more, plus double points on all dress purchases. Whoop-whoop!

You must RSVP by May 6th at Marciano.com/rsvpaz, if you can attend. I really hope you can make it!

Don’t live in Arizona? You can still get in on the action – and most likely stay cool while doing it. (It’s already geting into the 100’s here! So hot!) Enter in the Marciano ‘Dress a Day in May Sweepstakes’ HERE, for your chance to win an amazing dress. Also I’ll be keeping you updated the night of the event on Instagram, Twitter and Vine – so make sure to follow me @oneofeachblog.

Hope to see you all soon!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Personal Style: Free

Amanda of One of Each in Free People's Fairytale Crotchet Maxi

Amanda of One of Each in Free People's Fairytale Crochet Maxi

One of Each Blog Free People Fairytale Crochet MaxiFree People // Converse – Nordstrom

I love adding subtle classic American touches to my style. Here, the touch being the contrast between my crocheted dress and beat-up cons, not the ginormous flag. Although I suppose sporting an American flag around would also do the trick, but by no means would it be subtle.
Now, not only do I love adding classic American touches to my style, I enjoy adding to my style in general…and by adding to my style, I mean wardrobe…and by adding to my wardrobe, I mean adding more dresses like the one I’m wearing above…And by adding more dresses…actually no, I’m done with that statement and awful run-on sentence. Although I will never be done with wardrobe additions. A girl never is.