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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Personal Style: Seeing the Sun

One of Each Blog - Amanda Shoemaker

One of Each Blog - Amanda Shoemaker

One of Each Blog - Amanda Shoemaker

One of Each Blog - Amanda Shoemaker Beanie – H&M // Shake It Beach Pullover – Free People // Super Flare Cord – Free People // Chelsea Boots – Urban Outfitters

Since being posted up in my office now for weeks working on Shh! Maker Design, I honestly hadn’t notice that the leaves changed colors. Yes Arizona seasons are so weird. Here it is, the beginning of December and today’s high is 82 degrees. (Which is actually really warm – the rest of the week is in the 70’s & 60’s) Although I will most likely not be experiencing this amazing weather we are having because – I gots works to dos! Speaking of which, if there are any designs you would like to see up on the Etsy shop lemme know!

OH PS: These cords are the most soft – best pants ever. Yup!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

New Project: Shh! Maker Design

Shh! Maker Design on Etsy, by Amanda Shoemaker of One of Each Blog

Hello my long lost friends! I have been mia recently but for good reason, so don’t get mad just yet! I’ve been working around the clock on a new design project – Shh! Maker Design. Basically it’s a resource graphic shop. “What is that?” you say. Well first of all, it’s awesome. Secondly, it’s full of designs for bloggers, ‘do it yourselfer’, scrapbookers, and fellow designers. (Please include yourself in that list as well.) There are tons of items to create logos, decorate your photos, your website, your face, really whatever you can think of.
I’m also offering custom graphics. Would you like a squirrel flying on a unicorn in the desert? DONE! Or more realistically, a personalize logo design, an ‘about me’ avatar, a drawing of your dog? That’s done too. I just don’t draw cats. Just kidding guys! Cats are okay.
So I’d really love it if you guys would go check out my Etsy shop, and follow Shh! Maker Design on Facebook. I’ll be adding new items weekly, offering tons of sale and downloadable freebies very soon. So stay on the lookout for updates.

Until next time (which will be VERY soon),
Amanda Shh!Maker 😉