Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tri Tri Triangle


this is marcel

club muscles

liam wylie

triangle tattoo

eric hurtgen

gemeg tri pendant

I love triangles. I have some creepy thing for ALL geometric shape, especially ones that involve triangles. I also get creepy about turquoise. That’s why I’m kinda obsessed with the first picture of the Aaron Moran’s assemblage piece. Could you picture a potted cactus sitting next to that bad boy on a parsons table? Oofta, good stuff!

The last piece I left you with is a newly crafted necklace for GEMEG Jewelry. It’s definitely one of my favorite pieces from my collection. Many of the pieces revolve around the triangle shape. (How many times can I say pieces in one post?) Reese’s pieces. 6

Source: Design for Mankind, Aaron Moran, Marcel Kaczmarek, Club Muscles, Liam Wylie, Eric Hurtgen