Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Tuesday Tuneday: An Assortment Of Things

Since my last post was titled “Listen to French Music”, many of you would like to know what French music I speak of. If you have already begun to play the video above, by now I’m sure you have noticed that it is in fact – not a French song. Not only is it not a French song, but it was originally sung by the German singer Nico, and is being covered here by a Swedish man. Although I have really been into 60’s French music recently, I’m sharing this song with you instead because I am kinda in love with it at the moment. So that is that.
I do not want to disappoint though, so I will also share a few French singers I have been listening to…these days. (Wink-wink, see what I did there.) Fran├žoise Hardy is the top lady on my list. You may even recolonize her song “Le Temps de L’Amour” from the Moonrise Kingdom preview. I also enjoy Jane Birkin of course. Both ladies defiantly inspired my mood, and my hair style last week. Oh and Stella is up there as well. Really any French song from the 60’s will do.